Ask the Experts: What’s The Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat?

April 18, 2014
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Hoping to melt the fat from your midsection? If so, you need to come to an understanding of the best exercise to lose belly fat.

Those who are not performing the right type of exercise when they go into the gym are not going to see the level of results as those who are. So while getting to the gym is important, you need to be doing the best exercise to lose belly fat if you are going to be successful.

So this said, what exercise should you be doing?

Let’s give you the solution so you know how to structure your workout sessions.

Strength Training Trumps Cardio Training


First, you’ll want to be putting all strength training ahead of cardio training when the goal is to lose fat as quickly as possible.

The nice thing with strength training is that it will not only boost your metabolic rate for up to 48 hours post-workout due to the thermic effect this sort of exercise creates in the body, but in addition to that, if you are able to successfully build more lean muscle mass through doing this variety of training, you’ll permanently increase your metabolism, making it that much easier to maintain a leaner body over the course of time.

So with each strength training workout you do, think of it as a way to help you lose fat now, while also preventing fat gain into the future.

It’s very powerful for total fat burning results.

When doing your strength training workout sessions, you want to be sure to structure them as a full body approach as these will yield the highest overall calorie burn during the workout session itself.

The Power Of Intervals


Second, when it comes to the best exercise to lose belly fat, you can’t beat high intensity interval training. In studies that have compared the two forms of exercise – moderate intensity cardio training along with high intensity interval training, those who are doing the high intensity intervals have lost nine times as much total body fat as those who do steady state.

The verdict is in on steady state cardio training.

It’s not optimal for fat loss.

Sure, you will burn calories doing it and that can help you move closer to your goals, but if you want to see the absolute best results possible, steady state cardio training is not going to get you there.

Not only does interval training help you burn more fat overall, but it’s also going to be ideal for increasing your fitness level as well.

So there you have two key points to know and remember regarding the best exercise to lose belly fat. If you are not taking the time to ensure that each exercise session you do is positioning you best for success, you are going to be letting success slip through your fingertips.

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