How To See Healthy (and Consistent) Weight Loss

April 20, 2014
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While there are many different diet programs out there that you can be using to help you see the weight loss results you’re after, you should note that not all are going to promote the healthy weight loss results that you’re after.

Many fat loss programs are resorting to unhealthy strategies such as crash dieting, cutting out entire macronutrients, or relying on over exercise to get the job done.

While you may see some temporary results while going this route, it’s not healthy weight loss and it will come back to haunt you down the road.

Let’s look at some smarter tips to help you see healthy weight loss that you can put to use immediately.

Focus On Nutrition, Not Just Calories


First, make sure that you are focusing on good nutrition, not just calories when you go about your diet protocol. While it is very true that calories are what will matter most, it’s not true that this is all that matters.

The foods that you choose to eat to make those calories up are also going to account for much of the results you see and will establish whether you lose body fat or muscle mass tissue.

Start focusing on using good nutrition as well and you will see the difference.

Use A Reasonable Deficit

Second, in order to adopt a healthy weight loss plan, you should also be using a reasonable deficit. This means that you aren’t using a calorie reduction of 1000 calories per day. Do this and your energy level will be plummeting in no time.

Instead, use a more reasonable deficit of around 250-500 calories per day. This will work much better to keep your body feeling its best and to make sure that the weight you lose is fat weight, not muscle mass.

The more aggressive the deficit you use, the more likely you are to burn up that precious lean muscle that serves to keep you lean in the long run.

Stay Away From Harsh Supplements


Next, for a healthy weight loss plan, try and come off supplements that serve as stimulants. This includes fat burners, caffeine, and any other product that works in this nature.

While these may help boost your energy, over time, they’ll also wear you down and that is precisely what you don’t want to have happen in your diet protocol.

The best supplements you should be using instead include a quality protein powder, fish oil, glutamine, and a multi-vitamin. If you use these, you’ll see far superior results.

Take Breaks

Finally, for healthy weight loss to occur, you also should be mindful about adding breaks into the routine ever so often. If you’re dieting non-stop for months, you’re going to be suffering from a metabolic slow down at some point or another.

Incorporate in a break here and there. By doing so, you will help ensure that you always feel most fresh as you go about your diet.

So keep these quick tips in mind for a healthy weight loss. If you follow them, you’ll enjoy better results and feel better about the whole diet process as well.

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