Hugh Jackman Workout: How to Get Shredded Like Wolverine

April 18, 2014
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If you’re an X-Men fan, you’ll be in theatres, looking onward to Hugh Jackman’s body and wondering what he did in the gym to obtain this look.

He has a well-built physique and one that is characterized by having a few muscles slightly more chiselled than others.

If you plan your workouts carefully, you can definitely build yourself a physique that closely resembles the one he maintains.

How? Here’s the details….

Hugh-Jackman-workout-routine-and-diet-planAssessing His Physique

When looking at his body, we see three muscles really standing out as being slightly more developed than others. That includes his quads, his lateral shoulders as well as his triceps.

Adding a little bit of extra attention to these muscle groups in particular will get you the desired look.

He is quite lean, so making sure your diet stays intact to promote fat burning will also be wise. In addition to that, some added cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can help to burn up some extra fat without compromising the leg workouts you have planned.

Since mass gains in the quad region is one goal you’re after here, you don’t want to prevent sacrificing that.

How To Design Your Plan

To design your program split, you’ll want to have two days devoted towards legs, one day devoted strictly to shoulders, and then one day for back, chest, and arms. This allows you to put more attention overall to your shoulder muscles while doing an equal volume for chest and back, simply keeping those muscle groups balanced in nature.

hugh-jackman-beach-dietYour set-up would look something like this:

Monday – Chest, Back, and Arms

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Shoulders And Triceps

Friday – Legs

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Cardio/Intervals

As you structure these individual workouts, for the target areas of the shoulders, legs, and triceps, you’ll want to include some heavy sets with low reps as well as some lighter weight, higher rep sets as well.

This will allow you to reach a higher volume level for these muscle groups, prompting greater muscle gains.

In addition to that, also make sure that you are attacking the muscles from as many angles as possible.

Perform lateral raises, front raises, rear delt cable fly’s, shoulder presses, and upright rows for your shoulders, at least 3 variations of movements for your triceps, and try pre-exhausting the quads with some leg extensions before moving into your squats to really hit the quads hard.


Extra Credit

For extra credit, add some triangle push-ups into the chest workout. This will hit the triceps as well, giving them a bit more stimulation yet and prompting them into massive growth.

If you make sure to take your rest days seriously so you can recover well between sessions, you can see your body quickly transforming and taking on the shape of Hugh Jackman’s character.

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