Getting Shredded with the Vin Diesel Workout

April 18, 2014
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If you feel a twinge of jealous a Vin Diesel’s body every time he graces the big screen, you may be wondering what he’s done to get that body – and if it’s something you could ever achieve. While it is important that you realize that these actors often spend hours each day in the gym as they prepare for a role, this doesn’t mean in any way that it’s impossible for you to see similar results. You simply just need to know the basics in how to go about achieving the right workout program to get you there.

Let’s give you some quick tips on how you can structure a workout program to look more like Vin Diesel over time.

Assessing His Physique

vin-diesel-workout-rippedWhen we look at Vin Diesel’s body, we see he has very broad shoulders and excellent back development, so that’s going to be a primary focus of your own workout program. You want to be able to devote a little extra time and care to these two muscle groups, so you should use a breakdown split of one day for legs, one day for chest, shoulders, and triceps, and one for back and biceps. This will allow you to work the whole body over a three day split while still being able to give more focus to both the shoulders and back.

You should aim to hit legs once per week and the two upper body days twice per week, with two days off for rest each week as well.

Developing Your Workout Protocol

When designing your workout program to achieve this look, you’ll want to be sure to include a mix of both higher rep and lower rep sets for these two targeted muscle groups. This will help to ensure that you are going to be covering all your bases and developing both strength and size.

You’ll want to perform two horizontal pulling movements for back in each workout along with two vertical movements as well. The lat pull-down along with pull-ups work great for the vertical movements while a bent over row and a high cable row will work excellent for your horizontal pulling movements.

vin-dieselFor shoulders, be sure to perform a standard shoulder press and consider breaking it up into a few sets for lower rep, high weight and a few sets for higher rep, lower weight.
This will help make sure that you are hitting all the muscle fibers effectively.

Extra Credit

Finally, for extra credit with your workout, you might also consider evoking the concept of pre-fatigue. This can be done by doing a set of lateral raises before you do the shoulder press or doing a bicep curl before moving to your rows.

This way, you are forcing the shoulders along with the back to give more effort in each and every rep you perform.

Keep these quick tips in mind if you hope to achieve a Vin Diesel-like body. If used properly, you can definitely see success with a workout program structured this way.

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