Get Ripped like the Rock With the Dwayne Johnson Workout

June 18, 2014
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dwayne-johnson-musclesDoes Dwayne Johnson have the body that you covet? Wish you could look just like him whenever you watch him on the big screen?

If so, your goal should be one thing: muscle, muscle, and more muscle.

When we look at his physique, we see that not only is he very lean, but it’s very, very well-built as well. Muscle mass is no mystery to this man and you can tell that a lot of hard work has gone into building his body.

If you have a decent base of muscle on you already, you can readily achieve this look as well with the right type of program.

Let’s go over the key things to know if you want to look more like Dwayne Johnson.

Assessing His Physique

First, as noted above, his physique is one that is very heavily muscled, so that will be your top priority. Being able to build this muscle mass will be critical to your success, so your program should be oriented in size gains.

This means lifting heavy weights, using a lower rep range, and eating like you mean it. To gain more muscle size, you will need to be in a calorie surplus, so you need to start monitoring how much you are consuming overall.

Those who don’t eat in the surplus will just spin their wheels as you aren’t providing the raw materials your body needs to develop that additional size.

Aim for around 500 calories more per day than what you maintain your weight at and you’ll start seeing the size growth you need.

the-rock-dwayne-johnson-diet-and-workoutDeveloping Your Workout Program

Next, when it comes to building your workout program set-up, a body part split is what you’ll be after. Devote one day to legs, one to back, one to chest and shoulders, and you might add another for arms, calves, and abs.

Depending on your own particular body build, you may add a fifth day of training, hitting whatever area you feel you are weakest in before repeating the cycle once more through.

This will allow a little extra focus and attention on that single area, ensuring optimal size and strength gains.

Extra Credit

For extra credit, you may also want to introduce one session of sprint training into your workout routine as well. Make sure it’s as far away from your lower body strength workout as possible, but get it in, doing 8-10 sprints per workout.

This will help keep you leaner as you eat in the calorie surplus as your insulin sensitivity will be increased.

Just remember you will need to replace the calories you’ve burned off when doing this training.

So there you have some fast and easy tips to help you build a body like Dwayne Johnson. With some hard work, a proper diet, and some perseverance, it’s definitely possible to be seeing the results you’re after.


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