Why Choose The Keto Diet For Weight Loss?

June 18, 2014
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With the hundreds of different diet programs out there to choose from, it can be hard at times to know which one to select to optimize your success.

Which diet program will really deliver? Helping you take your progress up a notch?

That’s the question you are likely asking yourself and with a bit of understanding, you can make an informed decision.

One particular diet that you need to learn more about is the ketogenic diet. Many people see great success with this approach as far as fat loss and health enhancement goes, so it’s an ideal one to consider.

Let’s give you the information you should know about the keto diet plan.

What The Keto Diet Is


The ketogenic diet can be best described as a very low carbohydrate diet that is basically going to have you focusing almost exclusively on protein and fat rich foods. Carbohydrates are taken down to just 5% of your diet plan and will account for basically only leafy green vegetables.

Your protein intake should be set to around 30% of your total calories, which leaves fat to make up the remaining 65% of your calorie intake.

This is very easily classified as a high fat diet then.

Why Choose The Keto Diet?


So why is this diet so helpful for fat burning?

First, your hunger level will be low to non-existent. Most people using the keto diet report feeling almost no hunger whatsoever as they go about their plan. In fact, they need to remind themselves to eat.

If you take away hunger, it becomes that much easier to maintain a reduced calorie diet. Second, because you aren’t consuming carbohydrates, your insulin levels are going to stay stabilized very well. Since insulin is the fat storage hormone, minimizing it can mean less potential risk of fat gain for you.

The keto diet is also going to be beneficial because it keeps the body burning up fat as a fuel source all day long. Your body will not make the switch over to burning up glucose, the preferred source of fuel, due to the fact you just aren’t providing glucose to your system.

As such, when your body is already utilizing fat as a fuel source from the foods you eat, as you run out of food energy, it’s easier to make the transition to using stored body fat as fuel.

With those individuals who are typically eating carbohydrate rich diet plans, when they run out of glucose to burn up, they often experience hunger, dizziness, weakness, and other negative side effects because their body does not make the transition to switching over to stored body fat for fuel easily.

This often prompts them to eat, reducing the weight loss results they see.

So as you can see, there are many benefits to be had from choosing the ketogenic diet as your choice of diets. If hunger is something that tends to deter you from most plans, this is definitely the plan for you.

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