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How Many Calories in an Almond?

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Wondering how many calories are in almonds? Total Calories and Nutrition Facts for One Serving of AlmondsĀ 

How Many Calories are in Watermelon?

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Watermelon is a sweet low calorie food and one of the most popular fruits among dieters. Because the water content of watermelon is so high

How Many Calories Do Eggs Have?

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Eggs are a great protein and fat source most people would benefit from adding to their diet. The amount of calories for eggs depends on

How Many Calories in Chicken?

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Looking forĀ nutritionalĀ information for chicken? Depending on the cut and amount of total fat the number of calories per serving for chicken can vary. 4 oz.

How Many Calories Are in an Apple?

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Wondering how many calories are in an apple? Depending on the type of apple the number of total calories and sugar vary; below are the