Build A Body Like Mark Wahlberg With the Mark Wahlberg Workout

April 5, 2014
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If you are looking to take your physique to the next level and the main celebrity who’s body you’d kill for is Mark Wahlberg, you’re about to learn what he did to get that physique and more importantly, what you can do to create it yourself.

While no celebrity will ever uncover their exact workout protocol, by taking a closer look at his body, we can make a pretty good educated guess as to what’s he’s been doing to develop the look he maintains.


So how can you train to look like Mark Wahlberg?

Assessing His Physique


When we look at Mark’s body, we see a good sized build. He has a high amount of muscle mass in all main muscle groups in his upper body and while his legs are monstrous, they aren’t small by any means.

This indicates he’s spent a fair amount of time lifting the heavy weights in order to generate mass to this proportion.

He’ll likely be following a split of sorts, allowing him to perform more total volume per muscle group per session before backing off to allow for the rest and recovery process to occur.

This ensures that he comes back to each workout feeling stronger and able to lift more weight in the next session.

He is quite lean, however you can rest assured this was produced through a wise diet plan over hours of cardio training. In order to develop and then maintain the amount of muscle size he has on his body, he wouldn’t be doing a high amount of cardio as that would counteract the progress he was making.

Structuring Your Plan

To structure and devise your own program similar to Mark’s, you’ll want to be sure that you are lifting heavy, doing around 20 sets per muscle group per workout. Don’t go over 30 sets per workout total however or you could verge on overtraining. You don’t want to go much under 20 sets however or the volume will not be high enough to produce this degree of muscle size.

Lifts should be done in the 8-12 rep range for most sets, possibly adding one or two sets at the higher 12-20 rep range to spark extra protein synthesis for tissue generation.

In addition to that, the split that he likely used would have been a legs, back/arms, chest/shoulders/triceps, split, leaving one day left over to hit any lagging muscle group you feel you need to be brought up and trained for a second time that week.


Set it up as follows:

Monday: Back/Biceps

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

Friday: Off

Saturday: Lagging muscle group

Sunday: Off

Training in this manner allows you to continually adjust your workout program based on how you are progressing and what you feel needs the most work.

Extra Credits

For extra credit, make sure that you keep your diet very clean while bulking. This will prevent fat gains and also minimize the need to do any cardio training.

So there you have your training protocol if you want to look like Mark Wahlberg. Use this and you won’t be disappointed.

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