The Best Foods to Eat to Lose Fat

April 18, 2014
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Struggling to see the weight loss results you’re after? Feel like you need to step your nutrition plan up a notch?

Make no mistake about it, nutrition will account for up to 80% of the total fat loss results you see, so if you are making errors here, it’s going to matter.

Learning the best foods to eat to lose fat is going to enable you to take your diet one step further, seeing optimal success and ensuring that you are not only burning fat, but improving your health as well.

Let’s walk you through four of the best foods to eat to lose fat.



First on the list is salmon. If you are not making use of salmon in your protocol, you’re making a very large mistake. Not only is salmon rich in protein, which will boost your metabolism because of the thermic effect of food, but in addition to that, salmon is also filled with omega fatty acids, which will help you maintain better insulin sensitivity levels.

This in turn means that you will not experience the blood sugar high’s and low’s that you otherwise would, which could lead you to taking in more calories than you should be.

Grass Fed Beef


Next, don’t overlook grass fed beef as well. Grass fed beef may be slightly higher in calories than say chicken or fish, however, if you choose the grass fed variety, you will take in a form of fat known as CLA, which will actually help to enhance the overall fat burning taking place in your body.

So all in all, this protein source earns top marks for helping you see faster fat burning results.

Plus, it’s also going to be a rich source of iron, which is going to be important for ensuring that you maintain higher energy levels.

Those on diets who shun red meat, especially women, are at a higher risk for iron deficiency anemia.



Moving along, the next of the foods to eat to lose fat is coconut. Coconut is great because it’s medium chain triglyceride fat, which means you’ll be able to use the calories it provides as an immediate energy source.

This is unlike most other dietary fats, which can take a while to be broken down. In addition to that, coconut will also be ideal for helping improve heart health, boosting your brain health, enhancing your skin, and decreasing your total body fat percentage.

All great things as far as health and your results are concerned.

Sweet Potatoes


Finally, don’t overlook sweet potatoes. Many people enjoy regular potatoes as part of their overall diet plan and sweet potatoes take things up a notch. Sweet potatoes are higher in fiber, contain a good dose of vitamin A and rank lower on the GI scale as well.

They’ll help you maintain stable energy levels without risking fat gain.

So make sure that you are adding these foods to eat to lose fat to your diet plan. All are nutritional powerhouses that will help you reach your end goal.

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